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explaining the dangers without the fear

Making Harsh Chemicals Delightful 

In collaboration with Dr. Carolyn Murray at the Center for Children's Environmental Health at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and a few partners at the DALI lab, we were able to turn years of research into a digestible parallax site. An interactive website that helps people understand the harmful effects of arsenic in common foods, and simple preventative measures that they can take. The website is designed in a way to make it easily accessible to all users; it includes main sections on how arsenic gets into food, tips to reduce arsenic exposure, effects of arsenic, and additional research. The design focuses on creating a friendly environment that empowers the user and motivates them to make changes in their lifestyles to reduce arsenic intake. We received great reviews from our target user group, mothers, like "it's so beautiful and fun to use!"  As the project lead, I was responsible for making sure every detail was executed and any issue on the design or development side had a solution all the way to the hand off to the client. This was a fulfilling project to drive from start to finish while learning and developing my skills in Muse, Illustrator, Wordpress, HTML and CSS. 


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Leading Arsenic Research Dr. 


March 2015


HTML, CSS, Wordpress, Adobe Muse, Adobe ILLUSTRATOR