Catherine Most
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Exhibition Marketing

Digital Arts eXhibition at Dartmouth

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Branding the Largest Exhibition of Student Work

In order for people to know more about the great event I was spending so much time planning, there was a great need for more information on the world wide web about the exhibition details. After deciphering what the information architecture would be most intuitive to the user I created and collected content.  


Spring 2015


Branding; Web & digital


Head Producer


Dartmouth College

Project Management

As head producer of the largest exhibition of student work in 2015, my talents were tested from design to project management through collaboration across diverse departments from around campus. 

  • Balanced budget of $20,000+
  • Exercised interpersonal and conflict management abilities by resolving all faculty, exhibit, and logistical issues for seamless exhibitions
  • Doubled attendance from previous year to 1000+
  • Designed all promotional materials